About Fondy Auto Electric

Our Philosophy

Our primary focus is producing high quality products. With a market focus on selling into distribution that caters to professional installers, quality needs to be the number one consideration. Warranties are an expensive obstacle to profits and customer satisfaction. Over the years Fondy Auto Electric has succeeded in staying well ahead of the competition in providing quality products.

Our secondary focus is to provide the highest level of service by knowledgeable personnel at a competitive price. Customers find that our prices are very competitive, but more importantly Fondy Auto Electric products consistently exceed industry standards for quality.

You can always depend on a knowledgeable technician when you call us. With an average of over 30 years of experience, our associates can help you find the part number that you need or help you troubleshoot problems.

Our History

Fondy Auto Electric, Inc. started business in 1968 as a rebuilder of generators, starters, and alternators with two people operating in a 700 square foot building. The original intent of the business was to serve the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin community. Over the years, the business has grown from its humble beginnings to serve markets across the continental United States and select overseas markets.

Fondy Auto Electric now has over 30,000 square feet of building space in two locations which house complete remanufacturing facilities as well as inventory of completed goods to fit most any vehicle.