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We remanufacture and stock hundreds of alternators, big and small. If we don’t have the exact alternator you need, we can rebuild the part you have. All of our alternators are built to exacting standards so you can install our alternators with confidence.

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New Alternators

In 1968 Fondy Auto Electric was formed to remanufacture rotating electrical parts and that is still the primary function of our business, but in recent years we have added new alternators and starters to our product line.  This was done to give our customers the best value, and when appropriate, a choice.

We have new original equipment units available for most part numbers, but in most cases the OE parts are cost prohibitive.  Most of the new alternators and starters that you see in our catalog are from aftermarket vendors.  These new aftermarket parts, whether purchased from us or our competitors, are produced outside of our borders in countries with low labor rates and limited governmental regulation.  Unfortunately, many of these new units are also produced in plants with little quality control.  Our competition typically does not have the expertise to qualify the parts they buy, so they only learn of quality shortcomings when warranties start to roll in.  So YOU are their quality control department.

Our policy is to analyze all alternators and starters purchased from vendors before they go on the shelf for sale.  The objective is find defects before our customers ever see the units.  This incoming inspection and analysis is expensive, but necessary as judged by the quantity of units that are rejected.

Our new units can be identified by a “-N” suffix to our remanufactured part number.  You will note that for some part numbers we offer only a reman, while other part numbers may only be offered as a new unit and others both.  Our goal is to give our customers the best value regardless of whether it was produced in our facility.

There are instances in which other vendors offer a new unit when we only offer a remanufactured.  This is typically because the aftermarket new units for that part number do not meet our quality standards.  Our remanufactured part may even cost more than the other guy’s new unit, but you need a part that will fit, work when installed and continue to work for years to come.

For some part numbers you will notice that we only offer a new part.  That is typically because we have found the new unit to have acceptable quality at a price that we cannot match with a remanufactured product.  That doesn’t mean that we cannot remanufacture that part number.  In fact, we would love to provide a remanufactured unit, but in these cases it could cost substantially more than the new aftermarket option.

Sometimes you will find that we offer both remanufactured and aftermarket new for a part number.  In these instances, the available new parts meet quality standards, but there are not a significant difference in the price of the new and reman units.  Some of our customers have a strong preference for products remanufactured in our plant because of their experienced satisfaction with the fit and function.  Others may like the idea of having a new product.

Remanufactured Alternators

As the vehicle and equipment manufacturers add more electrical devices and comforts to their products, more output is demanded from the alternator.  As alternators have become more sophisticated, so have our remanufacturing processes and test procedures to ensure that they function as designed and live a long life.

Our remanufacturing process starts with the complete disassembly of the alternators and thorough cleaning of the parts.  All wear parts such as brushes, bearings, seals, and hardware are automatically discarded.  Parts that are typically salvage for reuse are the front and rear housings, which are degreased, shot blasted and inspected before being used in the final assembly.  Major electrical parts such as stators and rotors are subjected to stringent testing and inspection.  If they pass, they are reconditioned and reused.  If not, they are scrapped and new or remanufactured replacement parts are used in the final assembly.  Replacement of electronic parts such as voltage regulators, diode trios and rectifiers may be tested and reused in certain types of alternators, but most are discarded and replaced with new heavy-duty parts.

The new, reconditioned, remanufactured and salvage parts are assembled by experienced technicians.  The completed alternator is then subjected to a rigorous dynamic test process that mimics conditions and scenarios that the unit will experience when reinstalled onto the engine.  The alternator is run at multiple speeds and subjected to variable electrical loads while being monitored for voltage, amperage, ripple voltage and oscilloscope wave pattern.  When completed each alternator is labelled to identify the date of manufacture and the Fondy Auto Electric associate responsible for the quality of that unit.  You can have confidence when you install an alternator from Fondy Auto Electric that it will work the first time and continue to work for years to come.

Alternators for Collector Vehicles

In some of the more scrutinized collector vehicles it is important to have an alternator with the original part number and correct date code.  We rebuild our customer’s numbers matching alternator, starter or generator and return these units to the customer in like-new appearance and function with the original numbers intact.

We can also modify your alternator, or provide you with a modified alternator, to make your collector vehicle more useable.  Modifications can include increasing the output, converting to an internally regulated alternator and/or converting to a one-wire configuration.

Regardless of whether you want an exchange unit for your working vehicle, want to convert to a current system, or you want your alternator remanufactured with the original numbers, we can help.

Specialty Alternators

Do want or need an alternator with a one-wire hook up, 6 volt, 24 volt, positive ground, with chrome housings, or higher output?   We can help.  With our years of experience we can find or manufacture the specialty alternator to match your challenging application.

Numbers Matching

Send us your numbers matching alternator or starter so we can rebuild your unit and preserve the collector value.

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