From cars and big trucks, to tractors and construction equipment, we have the generator you need for your vehicle.

With advent of the much more efficient alternator charging systems in the 1960s, one would think that there would be no need for remanufactured generators.  That is not the case.  We still remanufacture a large quantity of generators with some destined for collector cars, trucks and tractors, while some are also for working vehicles.

In the past couple of decades we have seen many people convert their generator, especially on farm tractors, to the superior alternator charging system.  But now these machines are being retired and restored, and there is a desire to switch them back to the original generator system.  We have a vast inventory of remanufactured original generators in stock.

Generators for Collector Vehicles

In some of the more scrutinized collector vehicles it is important to have a generator with the original part number and correct date code.  We rebuild our customer’s numbers matching alternator, starter or generator and return these units to the customer in like-new appearance and function with the original numbers intact.  We also have many of the popular identification tags that we can use to replace your damaged or missing label.

Regardless of whether you want an exchange unit for your working vehicle or you want your generator remanufactured with the original numbers, we can help.  We have been remanufacturing generators since 1968 and have reworked units from vehicles with names such as Hanes, Whippet, Cockshutt, LaSalle and more.  We are familiar with the myriad of configurations including 6, 12 and 24 volt systems, A and B circuit, as well as generators with water pump, power steering pump and tachometer drives.

Numbers Matching

Send us your numbers matching generator so we can rebuild your unit and preserve the collector value.