Voltage Regulators

Most late model alternators have solid state electronic regulators that are integrated into the unit.  Typically, these alternator/regulator systems are replaced as a unit.  It is usually not cost effective to replace just the voltage regulator and most alternator regulator failures are due to alternator issues.

Generators are a different situation.  All generators have separate voltage regulators and those regulators are the older “vibrating points” technology.

We have been providing generator voltage regulators to our customers from the same United States manufacturer for over 35 years.  Our vendor is the only remaining domestic manufacturer of these devices.

There are plenty of off-shore manufacturers who offer generator regulators at very attractive prices.  Unfortunately, their quality is not attractive.  We have sampled regulators from as many of the low cost manufacturers as we could.  With all of these vendors we have found a high percentage of out-of-the-box defects and the regulators that did work, would typically not last long.

Our generator regulators will cost substantially more than the ones found on the internet, but we are selling quality, United States made pieces that work out-of-the-box and continue to work.

Technical Note:

All generator regulators must be polarized after installation and before the engine is started.  Polarization instructions are included with each of our regulators or you can contact one of our customer service associates for questions or instructions.

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