The Remanufacturing Process

In the Fondy Auto Electric factory, alternators, starters, and generators are completely disassembled. All “wear parts” such as brushes, bearings, bushings, seals, and gaskets are automatically discarded and replaced with new parts. Component parts are subjected to rigorous and sophisticated tests to ensure that all new and reconditioned parts will perform. Some parts such as housings are reclaimed after a thorough cleaning and inspection. The resulting new parts, reconditioned parts, and salvaged parts are reassembled using established procedures and specifications. After assembly all units are tested under load and in operating conditions similar to what will be found on the vehicle, to ensure that the final product will enjoy a long life after installation. Nothing is left to chance in the remanufacturing process.


Our goal is to remanufacture every unit to look and perform better than new. In fact we believe that our products have to perform better than new because they operate in conditions that are more adverse than a new part encounters. Our reman parts are made to be put on vehicles with batteries, cables, switches, engines, drive belts, flywheels, and connections that may have never been replaced and may be old and worn. We can’t build our alternators, starters, and generators to operate efficiently and endure all of those problems, but we build them “tougher” than the original was when the vehicle was new.

One advantage that we have is millions of miles of field-testing. The original vehicle manufacturers do a good job of testing their products before putting them into production, but there will always be a weak link in the unit. We start seeing sales on these parts after the vehicles are out of warranty, so by that time there are millions of miles on them! When we first start seeing a new type of unit for remanufacture or repair we will analyze the cores to see what parts are failing. When the “weak link” is detected we work with our suppliers to build a new version of that part that will be more durable than the original. The result is a reman unit that is better than new.

The vast majority of remanufactured and some of the new rotating electrical that we sell is produced in our factory where we can control the quality. When we source a product from vendors those units are subjected to a stringent incoming QC inspection before we will put them on the shelf. We find a significant percentage of the units that are available in the market will not pass our incoming inspection. Units that are purchased by consumers from large distributors or the internet are not filtered through this higher level of quality assurance. When buying from these other, low cost sources, the customer becomes the supplier’s quality control department.


We have an extensive stock of units on hand and ready to ship. We stock alternators, starters, generators, and batteries, to fit automobiles, light trucks, agricultural and excavating equipment, lift trucks, heavy duty trucks, ATV’s, boats, and more. Besides the wide array of different types of applications we remanufacture we cover most every brand that makes these different vehicles. Check out our online catalog to browse through the thousand of parts and pieces of equipment we work with.

If we get your order by noon, it ships the same day.

Rebuild & Return

In the rare instance that we don’t have the unit that you need in stock, or you want your old unit rebuilt, we offer our “Rebuild & Return” service. Send your old starter, alternator, or generator to us. We will rebuild it and send it back to you. This is especially popular with vehicle collectors that require matching numbers and people with hard to get parts.


If you look hard enough you may be able to find the electrical part you need elsewhere at a better price, but you will not find a better value. You can be confident of high quality products from knowledgeable people at a competitive price when you buy from Fondy Auto Electric!