Buzzanator Alternators

What is a Buzzanator?

A Buzzanator is an alternator that is modified to put out higher amperage and has a patented rotating screen at the rear of the alternator. This fan ejects dirt, straw, chaff and other debris that can plug the cooling passages and shorten the life of the alternator.

Why alternators fail in dirty conditions:

Heat is the biggest enemy of alternators even though heat is generated in the alternator in the process of changing mechanical energy to electricity. To dissipate this heat alternators have a front mounted fan that draws air in from the back, pulling the air over the internal components to cool them.

In environments with dirt, chaff, straw, or other debris in the air, this contamination is drawn into the alternator and clogs the air passage. With diminished or lack of cooling an alternator will overheat and fail prematurely.

Why will a Buzzanator last longer?

The patented rotating screen at the rear of the alternator kicks away debris from the alternator so only clean air can enter. With clean air, the cooling passages do not clog and the alternator fan can pull air over the internal components.
The rotating screen also creates a low pressure area as air is drawn through it, cooling the ambient air before it enters the alternator.
All Buzzanators are equipped with high volume cooling fans on the front of the alternator that move up to 50% more clean air through the alternator further enhancing the cooling of the alternators components.

Will a Buzzanator fit my equipment?

Buzzanators will fit onto most vehicles. They come with the very popular two-inch single foot mount and the SAE J180 two foot mount, which is the standard for for large diesel engines and heavy-duty trucks. If your equipment has a different mount, some adaptation or modification may be required.