Astro Lite Batteries

Fondy Auto Electric is a distributor for Astro Lite Batteries which are manufactured in the United States by East Penn Manufacturing in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  East Penn has been manufacturing batteries since 1946 and operate the largest single-site lead acid battery manufacturing facility in the world with over 3 million square feet of building space with over 8000 employees.

Astro Lite/East Penn is also one of the largest recyclers in the country, processing over 17 million old batteries per year.  Nearly 100% of the lead, plastic and acid is reclaimed and used in the manufacture of new batteries.

The Astro Lite line includes absorbed glass mat technology, silver alloy, high performance and import exact fit batteries.  They have maintenance free batteries for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, farm tractors and equipment, lawn tractors, golf cars, excavating equipment, lift trucks, and electric vehicles.

Astro Lite Batteries are subjected to over 250 quality control checks in the manufacturing process assuring dependability and long life.  The company uses the most advanced engineering and precision manufacturing resulting in unbeatable durability and performance under the most demanding conditions.  The company has multiple ISO and QS certifications

Astro Lite Batteries – Delivering unbeatable performance for all your power needs.